Looking for a book about golf courses?

Richard asks

I am looking for a book about golf courses?

book about golf courses established by railway companies in the UK.

golfnutter answers:

Lots of books about uk golf courses here.

Helena asks

Are there any courses in golf course design and architecture? Are there any official degrees offered?

A google search did not turn up any in the US. There appears to be one in the UK but I am looking for something in the US.

golfnutter answers:

I have a list of websites on my 360 web blog that can help you course ownersBuildersDesigners

Paul asks

golf course in wath south yorkshire uk ?

any one know about a new golf course in wath south yorkshire uk . i been that it not been build that long any one know more about it

golfnutter answers:

Not quite sure of ur question but i found the following course/clubWath upon Dearne Golf Clubchech the website for more infohope i helped! :D

Rachel asks

What is the name of that famous golf course with the famous bridge? I think its in the UK?

golfnutter answers:

You’re probably thinking about St. Andrews the old course in Scotland. The home of golf.It’s the Swilcan Bridge that runs over the Swilcan Burn on the 18th hole. This stone bridge is 700 years old and was once used for herding sheep and cattle.

Bob asks

Is the area of Ayrshire (near St. Andrews golf course) suppose to be one of the wealthier areas in the UK?

just was curious, as I was there previously this past winter and have never seen such a beautiful district of the UK.Is this area well known for its beauty in the UK or not?which other areas are known as “elite” areas to live in the UK ?how come?Thanks for your answers!Sorry, well the area of Ayrshire then.. which golf course is that in Ayrshire as well?

golfnutter answers:

Err……… Ayrshire is no where near St Andrews………. St Andrews is in Fife on the east coast. Ayrshire is on the south west of Scotland.

Jemima asks

Anyone have a course map for Dale Hills Golf Courses?

Looking for maps of Dale Hill in East Sussex, UK

golfnutter answers:

HAve you googled it

Kylee asks

where in the uk is the smallest acreage 18 hole golf course not par 3?

golfnutter answers:

The actual official record holder is Stourbridge in the West Midlands.Its a good test of golf but many fairways cross and it can be a bit scary at boasts Mike Baldwin out of coronation street as one of tis members.

Lisa asks

Auckland City & Whangarei area Golf courses Please Help !!!!?

Hi we will be staying in Auckland City over Xmas, I would be very grateful if anyone could recommend which golf courses would be good to play as we have never been to NZ before. I have picked out a few, Remuera,Aviator,Chamberlain,Formosa,Titirangi.The hotel’s i have picked out are Crown Plaza, Duxton, The Langham park,or if anyone could recommend one near all the action Bar’s Restaurant’s,etc that would be great.We will then head out of the City for our second week to go up to Whangarei the golf courses. I have picked are GulfHarbour, Club Paihia, Mangawhai, We would love to play Kauri Cliffs but I think its a bit out of our price range.????Hope someone can help!!! us have a great time in New Zealand.Can’t wait. . I am from the Uk & my other half is from Ireland living in Fiji for our sin’s Thanks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

golfnutter answers:

Formosa, Titirangi and The Grange are good bets near Auckland. ( Whangarei, try Whangarei Golf Club and Gulf Harbour.Everything you would want to know about Kauri Cliffs (and Cape Kidnappers) can be found in this free report:

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